About Rockstar Logic Company:

Rockstar Solos (iPhone app):

Stevie Salas presents Rockstar Solos, a new and authentic rock game and company, bringing actual rockstar riffs to your fingertips! As you rock your way from easier 1-star solos / riffs up to difficult 5-star challenges, you will be walked through various modes such as memory-modes, repeated patterns and more.

Pick-O-Rama (iPad app):

Guitar picks customized by you! You no longer have to be a famous guitar player, to get your own customized guitar picks!

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Glam Joe HD (iPad app):

The best sokoban game you've ever played! Glam Joe is a type of transport puzzle, in which the player pushes boxes around a maze. This will stretch your IQ and 40 levels become very challenging.

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Version 1.2 available!
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